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New Zealand tightens terror law for “lone actors” after ISIS-linked attack



New Zealand passed a new security law to criminalize the preparation of a terror attack.


New Zealand passed a new security law on Thursday to criminalize the preparation of a terrorist attack, strengthening a loophole that was uncovered by a man who was massacred in the country’s most populous city. Went in to get stabbed.

New Zealand has been moving for months to strengthen its security laws amid rising fears of Lone Wolf terror attacks, but earlier this month Ethel Mohamed Samsoodin was stabbed and injured seven people at a supermarket in Auckland. Pushed the new law through its parliament.

Now planning and planning a terrorist attack is a crime, which, New Zealand Justice Minister Chris Fafoi said, brings security laws in line with most other countries.

“The nature of terrorism has changed. Around the world there are more solitary actors rather than large organized groups,” Fafoi said in an emailed statement.

The new law comes less than a month after police shot and killed a 32-year-old Sri Lankan national, Samsoodin, when he began his assault.

Samsudin was convicted and imprisoned for nearly three years before being released in July.

New Zealand tried unsuccessfully to charge Samsudin with a crime of terrorism in 2020 after he bought a hunting knife and was found with Islamic State videos.

However, a judge ruled that Samsudin did not call New Zealand’s terrorist laws at the time. He was released, although he was kept under 24-hour police surveillance.

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