Online uproar over the killing of 29 dogs in Qatar

Online uproar over the killing of 29 dogs in Qatar

The incident has created an atmosphere of outrage and concern among the people.

In a horrific incident, a group of armed men stormed a safe area in Qatar, killing 29 dogs and injuring others, claiming that the animals had bitten a child.

Taking to social media, Doha-based rescue charity PAWS Rescue Qatar reported that the attackers appeared in a secure factory area and threatened security guards with weapons before entering the facility – an area where stray dogs can be fed, Can be neutered and seen for by the community. The men shot 29 dogs, including puppies, and injured several others.

The men claimed that they attacked the facility and shot the animals because one of the dogs had bitten their sons.

PAWS Rescue said, “The security team was rightly scared as two men were carrying guns. The security team tried to stop the men from shooting a group of pretty friendly neutered dogs, but they realized they were putting themselves in danger as well. ,

It also states that a puppy is fighting on his left side at the vet. “These dogs did no harm to anyone, were well taken care of, were very friendly and loving,” the Facebook post said.

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According to doha newsThis incident has created outrage and concern among the people. Animal rights sustainability brand Ronnie Helo described the killing as a “barbaric act and a threat to Qatari society”. It also urged the government to investigate the heart-wrenching incident and hold the killers accountable.

Others also expressed deep concern about gun laws in Qatar and questioned why citizens have the right to own a weapon in the first place. One internet user wrote, ‘Qatar was very disappointed! The Bay Area should start developing on such matters – this is unforgivable! Poor child.” “What a barbaric act! Not to mention the fact that people keep and use guns at home. Is Qatar a safe country? made another comment.

According to independentTo own a gun in Qatar, a license is required from the Ministry of Home Affairs. One should also be above 21 years of age and should not have a criminal record. On the other hand, penalties for possessing unlicensed firearms include a prison sentence of one year to seven years and/or a prison sentence, depending on the type of firearm.


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