Pakistan’s NSA Moeed Yusuf said foreign policy influenced by US, lack of financial freedom: Report

“I doubt there is any country that is free from this (US influence),” Moeed Yusuf said.


Pakistan does not have financial independence and its foreign policy is not free from US influence, the country’s national security adviser Moeed Yusuf said on Monday.

“When we can’t [fulfil] demands, we want foreign loans. When you buy a loan, your economic sovereignty is compromised,” Geo News quoted Yousuf as saying on Monday.

Furthermore, Yusuf lamented that whenever a country asks for a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or any other foreign organization, the nation compromises its economic sovereignty with such demands from global bodies.

“It affects a country’s foreign policy,” Yusuf said, adding that when foreign policy is affected, you cannot run affairs as they would in an ideal situation.

Yusuf said that when a country is dependent on international moneylenders, it cannot allocate resources for human welfare or traditional security – armed forces and internal security, as per Geo News.

The NSA also emphasized that a country cannot achieve financial independence unless it meets all local demands through its own resources.

With regard to foreign policy, Yusuf said, “It is still not so [free from US influence] And I doubt there is any country that is free from it.”

Yusuf is set to visit Kabul in a few weeks. He will lead a senior delegation of Pakistani officials for further engagement with the Afghan government on all “aid-related” possibilities during his visit to Kabul. His visit comes weeks after the Taliban stopped Pakistani forces from fencing the border with Afghanistan as the two countries have issues along the Durand Line.

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