Report on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s lockdown parties soon: UK foreign minister

There are many allegations that PM Johnson himself broke the Kovid lockdown rules imposed.


Foreign Minister Liz Truss said on Wednesday that the findings of an investigation into gatherings breaking COVID-19 lockdown laws at British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office would be published soon.

An internal investigation into allegations of lockdown parties in Johnson’s offices could be published on Wednesday, leading to conclusions that could determine the prime minister’s future. Police has also started investigation.

Truss said Johnson had not received reports of incidents at his Downing Street residence, and that people should wait for the findings of the investigation before commenting on his future.

Truss told Sky News, “It looks like it will come out very soon. So I suggest we wait for the facts, rather than discuss the various speculations about what might happen.”

Truss said he had not attended or invited any parties, and added that his support for Johnson was “unwavering”.

“They have my full support,” she said.

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