Researchers Discover a 100-Year-Old German U-Boat Wreck in Virginia: Report

Researchers Discover a 100-Year-Old German U-Boat Wreck in Virginia: Report

The remains of ships and submarines deteriorate rapidly in the saltiness of the seas.

A World War I-era German U-boat submarine has been discovered 100 years after it was destroyed in American waters. The shipwreck, designated as the U-boat U-111 Marine, was discovered by Eric Petkovic, a historian, shipwreck researcher and technical wreck diver. National Geographic,

U-111, the last World War I-era German U-boat submarine, was sunk by the US Navy off the coast of Virginia in 1922, sinking to the bottom at a depth of 1,600 feet. Surprisingly, Petkovic barely saw it in 400 feet of water. Amazingly, it was discovered in water just 400 feet off the coast of Virginia, a much lower depth than predicted, but still outside human diving range for some expert technical divers, the outlet adds.

In addition, five World War I German submarines and eight World War II German submarines have been discovered in American seas, with U-111 being the only one sunk off the American coast that has yet to be discovered. Newsweek.

According to newsweek, The salinity of the ocean deteriorates the remains of ships and submarines faster, as the salt causes the metals to rust and rust more quickly. In addition, whatever wood is available, it is often eaten by burrowing insects and other deep-sea creatures.

Inspired by Robert Ballard’s discovery of the Titanic wreck in 1985, diver Eric Petkovic began investigating the Great Lakes shipwreck, eventually becoming an expert technical diver and author of several books on shipwreck investigations.

Mr. Pekovic and his friend Rusty Cassaway used their 45-foot R/V Explorer diving vessel to uncover unidentified wreckage, using an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) to locate the U-boat at the location where they were found. It was suspected that there were debris.


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