Taliban has asked female employees to send male relatives to their place: report

Taliban has asked female employees to send male relatives to their place: report

Since August last year, the Taliban withdrew many women’s rights. (representative photo)

According to a report, the Taliban have asked female employees in Afghanistan to send a male relative to do their work. Guardian, One of the employees the outlet spoke to said they received calls from Taliban officials requesting a male employee in their place. He was quoted as saying that Taliban officials told him that “the workload in the office has increased and they need to hire a man instead of us”. The Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August last year and has since issued several decrees calling for the withdrawal of women’s rights.

“Since they came [to power]The Taliban have demoted me, and slashed my salary from 60,000 Afghans [575 pounds] up to AFN12,000. I can’t even pay my son’s school fees. When I questioned it, an officer asked me to step out of his office and said that my demotion is not negotiable,” one of the employees of the finance department told the outlet.

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The woman said she got a call from the ministry’s human resources department asking her to recommend a replacement for the post she had worked for 15 years.

She holds a master’s degree in business management and heads a department in the ministry.

The Taliban’s policies have been heavily criticized by global bodies, who have highlighted the economic damage to the country.

UN Women’s executive director Seema Bauhaus said in a statement in May: “The current sanctions on women’s employment are projected to result in immediate economic losses of up to $1 billion – or up to 5% of Afghanistan’s GDP. “

“There is almost universal poverty in the country. An entire generation is at risk of food insecurity and malnutrition,” the statement added.


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