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Thai drug dealer gets plastic surgery to look like Korean man, yet gets caught



Thai drug dealer gets plastic surgery to look like Korean man, yet gets caught

He was caught last week at an apartment in Bangkok

In a clever attempt to evade the police, a drug dealer in Thailand underwent extensive plastic surgery to look like a Korean man. However, his efforts failed as he was caught last week at an apartment in Bangkok. The 25-year-old man has now been charged with importing and possessing the Class One drug Ecstasy (MDMA).

according to a BBC The report said that Sahara Swangjeong was trying to hide his real identity by using a Korean name alias Seong Jimin. He also underwent a series of surgeries which changed his facial features beyond recognition.

However, the police still tracked him by tracing the distribution of ecstasy to other sellers and buyers in Bangkok. Meanwhile, witnesses described him as a ‘handsome Korean man’ to the police. Thai media reported that when the police arrived to arrest Sawangjang, they were surprised because “none of his original face was left.”

Upon his arrest, the man revealed that he wanted to “start a new life.” He added, “I’m tired of Thailand.” He also admitted to purchasing drugs with bitcoins on the dark web and then selling them to customers in and around Bangkok.

Notably, he had been arrested at least three times before his most recent apprehension. Once the police got 290 pills of ecstasy and 2 kg of the drug in liquid form from his possession. However, he managed to escape detention each time.

Police Major-General Theradze Thammasoothi ​​called Sawangjeong “one of the main causes of Bangkok’s MDMA epidemic”, reported The Straits Times.

Mr Thammasoothy said, “He is a drug lord who imported MDMA from Europe at the age of just 25. We believe there are more suspects abroad. We will continue our investigation.”

The Thai government has been cracking down heavily on crimes such as drug trafficking and use in recent years.

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