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The Moment Norwegian Cruise Ship Explodes the Iceberg in Alaska



No passenger was reported to be injured during the collision.

A chilling video of frightened passengers aboard a Norwegian cruise ship captured an iceberg that collided with a ship near Alaska over the weekend. According to CNNNorway’s Sun ship was transitioning to Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier as part of a nine-night voyage when a “Growler” suddenly collapsed into an iceberg on Saturday.

Video shared on Twitter shows a large chunk of translucent gray ice rising above the surface as the ship’s side is nudged. Panicked spectators can be heard in the background as it hits a medium-sized iceberg in the middle of the ocean.

Check out the video below:

A “growler” is classified as an iceberg that is less than two meters across and is showing less than a meter above the water.

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According to the outlet, the company confirmed that it has canceled the rest of the cruise, and that the ship has returned to the port of Juno for a safety assessment. A member of the Coast Guard Sector Juno Prevention Team and contract divers assessed the damage to the right side and determined that the ship was seaworthy to return to its home port of Seattle for repairs.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) said the ship had been cleared to return to Seattle at a reduced speed by the United States Coast Guard and other local maritime authorities. “Currently all guests on the ship will disembark in Seattle as originally planned,” it added.

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No passengers were reported to be injured during the collision, which included “cosmetic” damage to the vessel, as well as damage to several pieces of port infrastructure.