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The report states that Elon Musk forced Twitter to promote his post. his answer



The report states that Elon Musk forced Twitter to promote his post.  his answer

New Delhi:

Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk denied reports that he asked engineers on the micro-blogging platform to boost his tweets. His response comes a day after a report said Musk had asked Twitter engineers to change the algorithm and prioritize his tweets because he was unhappy with the views of his posts during the Super Bowl.

As the platformer reports, the change resulted in millions of users’ feeds being flooded with tweets from Elon Musk, even those who don’t follow the tycoon.

Denying the allegations, the billionaire said the source of the report was a disgruntled Twitter employee who is on his way out.

The “source” of the fake Platform article is a disgruntled employee who was on paid time off for months, having already accepted a job at Google and felt the need to poison the well along the way. Twitter will take legal action against him,” Musk said in a tweet.

Musk’s message of support for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday got significantly less engagement than US President Joe Biden’s expressing a similar sentiment. The company’s chief is increasingly focused on business — and is frustrated by his engagement numbers, which have been falling in recent weeks, the report says. Musk has about 129 million followers, while Biden’s account has 37 million followers.

Since Musk took ownership of Twitter in October 2022, the platform has been plagued by chaos, with mass layoffs, the return of thousands of banned accounts and an exodus of major advertisers.

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