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UK is facing tomato shortage due to bad weather in Europe and Africa



UK is facing tomato shortage due to bad weather in Europe and Africa

The UK relies on Morocco and Spain for tomatoes but they are battling bad weather.

Bad weather in Europe and Africa has led to a shortage of some fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes, in the UK. BBC, Several social media users have posted pictures of empty shelves in supermarkets over the past few days. They are more worried about supply disruption of tomatoes, a key ingredient in many dishes. A significant proportion of tomatoes consumed in the UK come from Morocco and southern Spain, which have been affected by extreme weather events BBC said further.

First there was warm weather, which affected crop yields, and then a cold wind that prolonged the growth time.

“Supermarkets are better able to manage supply chain issues and work with farmers to give customers access to a wider range of fresh produce,” said Andrew Opie, director of food and sustainability at the British Retail Consortium (BRC). groups told BBC,

Heritage Fine Food Company, a wholesaler that supplies restaurants, cafes and schools, said not only tomatoes, cucumbers are also in limited supply and peppers are failing to ripen.

Last year, grocery stores in Britain faced supply chain disruptions due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, news agency Reuters said in its article, but availability had improved significantly by Christmas.

In winter, Britain typically imports about 90 percent of crops such as cucumbers and tomatoes, but has been almost self-sufficient in summer.

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