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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised to work from home, makes vaccine passport mandatory amid Omicron surge



Britain’s Boris Johnson said it was clear that Omicron was spreading faster than Delta. (file)


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a tightening of virus restrictions in England on Wednesday as an Omicron-type increase in cases, including guidance on working from home and mandatory vaccine passports.

Johnson said at a briefing that since the rate of omicron cases was doubling every two to three days, it was “a proportionate and responsible thing for England to move to Plan B”.

The prime minister said that as part of the measures, the government is recommending work at home in England from Monday.

He said the government would make it mandatory for the first time in a week to show a Covid vaccine passport in England, while the developed administrations of Scotland and Wales have already taken similar measures.

“Entry into nightclubs and places where large crowds gather” will be required, Johnson said.

He said the government was making the wearing of masks a legal requirement in “most public indoor places, including theaters and cinemas”.

Johnson said it is becoming increasingly clear that the Omicron variant is spreading much faster than the previously dominant Delta variant and that “we cannot yet assume that Omicron is less severe than the previous variant”. .

“We just have to respond today the way we are,” he said, stressing the new measures do not amount to a lockdown and that people can continue with Christmas parties and children’s events such as nativity plays. .

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of people getting the vaccine and now a booster dose is being offered.

“The biggest thing each of us can do is take our turn and it’s important to get that booster as soon as it’s our turn,” he said.

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