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UN chief Antonio Guterres delays ASEAN talks to avoid recognition of Myanmar junta envoy



UN chief Antonio Guterres refrained from signaling Myanmar’s authority. (file)

United Nations:

UN chief Antonio Guterres asked at the last minute to postpone a virtual meeting with Southeast Asian ministers, prompting Myanmar’s junta to be in the same online room as the military envoy, UN diplomats said. recognition can be avoided.

The meeting between the UN Secretary General and foreign ministers of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) – including Junta Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin – was due to take place last Friday.

But a day earlier, according to an October 8 note from ASEAN President Brunei, Guterres called on ASEAN to postpone the meeting “until such a time as it can address ongoing urgent international and regional issues in a mutually agreed format.” can be held in view”. – Spotted by Reuters – Notifying members of the delay.

UN diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Guterres does not want to go ahead with the decision of UN member states as to who will sit on Myanmar’s seat in the world body, following rival claims by the junta and current UN ambassador. Kyaw was done by Mo. Tun, appointed by the elected government.

The junta seized power in a February coup, taking Aung San Suu Kyi and other elected government leaders into custody. The credibility of the United Nations gives weight to a government.

Guterres’ reluctance to attend the same meeting of the junta envoy comes as ASEAN foreign ministers are due to meet separately on Friday to discuss the exclusion of junta chief Min Aung Hlaing from the upcoming summit as the ruling military adheres to an agreed upon pressure to build up. Peace Roadmap.

ASEAN agreed a five-point agreement with Min Aung Huling in April, but many members of the bloc have criticized the junta’s failure to implement it. The junta has also refused to allow a regional envoy, Brunei’s second foreign affairs minister, Eriwan Yousuf, to meet with Suu Kyi.

While UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters last Friday that the Secretary-General had requested that his meeting with ASEAN ministers be postponed and talks on the draft continue, he did not explain why Guterres wanted the delay.

Kyaw Mo Tun warned Guterres against attending a meeting that included an envoy of Myanmar’s military, telling Reuters that it could “destroy the high hopes of the Myanmar people and expectations from the United Nations, which has We always think about our hope for the restoration of democracy in Myanmar.”

A UN committee, which includes Russia, China and the United States, is due to meet next month to consider competing credential applications and Kyaw Mo Tun will remain in the seat until a decision is made. The committee may postpone the decision and leave Kyaw Mo Tun as Myanmar’s envoy.

Myanmar’s junta has put forward military veteran Aung Thurin as UN envoy, while Kyaw Mo Tun to renew its UN recognition despite being the target of a plot to kill or injure him in protest of the coup said.

The UN committee considers the credentials of all 193 members and submits a report to the General Assembly for approval before the end of the year. Diplomats said the committee and the General Assembly usually work by consensus on credit.

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