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US to allies on arms supply amid Ukraine war



Russo-Ukraine war: US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the US and Kyiv were “working in lockstep”.


US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Wednesday urged allies to increase arms supplies to Ukraine as Kyiv desperately requests heavy weapons to deter Russia’s aggression.

“We can’t give up and we can’t lose steam,” Austin told a meeting with 50 countries that support Ukraine in Brussels. The stakes are very high. Ukraine is facing a critical moment on the battlefield. “

“We must intensify our shared commitment to Ukraine’s self-defense, and we must push ourselves even harder to ensure that Ukraine can defend itself, its citizens and its territory.”

Austin said Moscow’s attack on its pro-Western neighbor “is not just a threat to Ukraine – it is a threat to European security”.

“That’s why we must continue to move forward to meet this challenge,” he said, sitting next to Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.

The West has supplied Ukraine with a large supply of weapons to help fight Kremlin forces, but Ukraine complains that it has only received a fraction of what it needs and is struggling for heavy weapons.

Austin said Washington and Kyiv were “working in lockstep to meet Ukraine’s requests for new capabilities, particularly its need for long-range fire, armor and coastal defence.”

He said the delivery of long-range Hymer rocket artillery and similar systems from Britain would “substantially boost Ukraine’s capability”.

In addition, NATO allies, including the US, were training Kyiv’s military to handle modern weapons.

“So we’ve done a lot so far, but we don’t have any time to waste,” he said.

“We are here to dig into our spur. We are going to deepen our support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in today’s fight.”

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