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Woman narrowly escapes falling ceiling panel at US subway station



Caught on camera: Woman narrowly escapes falling ceiling panel at US subway station

No one was reported to be injured.

A surveillance video on social media captured the terrifying moment a ceiling panel collapsed and almost fell on a woman at a subway station outside Boston. According to IndependentThe incident happened at Cambridge’s Harvard Square station on Friday.

In the video shared on Twitter, the woman is seen walking towards the stairs at the station. Just before he reached the stairs, a piece of the ceiling fell down, sending out a cloud of black dust. The woman looked clearly stunned and stood still for a few seconds before walking around the wreckage.

Watch the video below:

No one was reported to be injured. According to BBC, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MBTA) said the panel was installed in the 1980s, and weighed about 11 kilograms due to moisture build-up. Officials believe that the panel has fallen due to corrosion from water.

The department further stated that it has now removed any other panels from the station that were of immediate safety concern. The MBTA also announced that it would be inspecting the panels in all of its stations.

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“Ten ceiling panels at the station have been removed and the panels will be inspected at all T stations,” the MBTA said. Independent,

Separately, in a Twitter post, the department explained, “Our preliminary findings suggest that over time water had accumulated in the panel insulation and the metal rivets holding it in place. We are removing the remaining non-insulated panels as a precaution.” -We’re removing structural panels so we can thoroughly examine the ceiling and the source of the water.”

The MBTA next tweeted, “The safety of our riders and staff is paramount. As such, we will make any necessary changes to structures and panels to protect against future incidents.”

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