Boris Johnson calls Joe Biden ‘a big breath of fresh air’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson talks to US President Joe Biden.

Carbys Bay, England:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday hailed US President Joe Biden as “a huge breath of fresh air” as he works with London on a vast range of issues from climate change and COVID-19 to security wanted.

“It’s a big breath of fresh air,” Johnson said of the conversation with Biden. “It’s new, it’s interesting and we’ve been working very hard together. We went on for about an hour and 20 or so. It was a long, long, good session. We covered a wide range of topics. covered.”

Biden is keen to try to use the trip to ignite his multilateral credentials following the ruckus of Donald Trump’s presidency, which left many US allies in Europe and Asia bewildered and some split.

Johnson downplayed differences with Washington over the impact of Brexit on peace in Northern Ireland, saying there was “absolute goodwill” between the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union when it came to finding solutions to uphold the 1998 peace deal.

“There is complete coherence on the need to keep going, find solutions and uphold the Belfast Good Friday Agreement,” Johnson said. “And I think what’s interesting is that Northern Ireland is a great place and has amazing potential. It’s a great, great part of the UK.”

Asked whether Biden had made his alarm about the situation in Northern Ireland too clear, Johnson said: “No, he didn’t.”

“There is one thing we absolutely want to do in the US, the United States, Washington, the UK and the EU,” Johnson said. “And this is to uphold the Belfast Good Friday Agreement, and to ensure that we continue to balance the peace process. This is absolutely common ground,” Johnson said.

“You know, I’m an optimist.”

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