Britain says Myanmar jawans were forced to pose as London envoys

The Kyawar Mine is locked outside the Myanmar Embassy in London on 7 April 2021.

London, United Kingdom:

Britain confirmed on Thursday that it could no longer recognize Myanmar’s ambassador to London, as the ruling junta issued a formal notification that it was withdrawn to support the ousted government.

Sources in the UK said the government had to accept the Junta’s decision regarding Kawad Zwar Min, according to diplomatic policy, that he was forced out of the embassy on Wednesday.

Loyal diplomats to Myanmar military officials began to take control of the embassy, ‚Äč‚Äčleaving the ambassador on the road and forcing them to sleep in their cars overnight, as protesters demonstrated.

The evicted envoy stated that his defense aide, Chit Win, had captured the mission in a “coup of sorts”, two months after seizing military power in Myanmar.

In a statement read on Thursday on behalf of the ambassador by Min Hen, a member of the Myanmar community in London, they said they were waiting for a formal response from the UK government.

Min Hin said, “We have also come to know that Chit Vin’s team is threatening to punish the embassy staff hard if those personnel do not continue to work for the military detachment,” Min Hein said.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Rab had earlier on Thursday condemned Myanmar’s “bullying” by the junta and reiterated the release of civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

“We condemn the blatant actions of Myanmar’s military regime in London yesterday, and I pay tribute to Qawwa Zawar Min,” Raab said on Twitter.

“The UK continues to call for an end to coup and horrific violence and a swift restoration of democracy.”

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