Fight as long as i can

Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Nations Kyo Mo Tunay was seen in a file photo.

New York:

Myanmar’s United Nations in New York vowed to fight on Saturday when Junata urged her to use “any necessary means” to overturn the February 1 coup to oust the country’s elected leader Aung Soo Was.

“I decided to fight back as long as I can,” Kyo Mo Tunne told Reuters on Saturday.

Myanmar state television announced on Saturday that Kyo Mo Tune was fired for betraying the country.

However, the United Nations does not officially recognize Junata as the new government of Myanmar because it has not received any official notice of any change, a UN official said on condition of anonymity, and therefore why Mo Tun remains the UN Ambassador to Myanmar for now.

“We have not received any communication regarding Myanmar’s representation in the United States in New York,” UN spokesman Stephen Dujarric said.

Myanmar’s special envoy to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Christine Schreiner Bergner, warned the 193-member UN General Assembly on Friday that no country should recognize or legitimize Myanmar’s junta.

If Minor Janta, led by General Min Ang Hlaing, tries to gain international recognition by establishing a new UN envoy, it could set up a fight in the world body that ends with a vote in the General Assembly Can.

The United Nations has had to address competing claims for representation in the first world body.

In September 2011, the General Assembly approved a Libyan request to recognize representatives of the country’s interim government. The move came after the United States, Russia, China and European nations recognized the new authorities.

Kyo Mo Tunne told the United Nations on Friday that he was speaking for the Suu Kyi government and appealed for help in overthrowing an “illegal and unconstitutional military coup”. Such an address – in a country with those in power – is rare.

The elected MPs elected in the coup have formed a committee and Kawa Mo Tunay stated that “Myanmar has a legitimate and duly elected government and should be recognized as such by the international community.”

Guterres promises to create international pressure “to ensure that this coup fails.” The Security Council has expressed concern over the state of emergency, but has stopped condemning the coup due to opposition from Russia and China.

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