Former US Vice President Mike Pence to Penn Memoirs Race to 2024: Publisher

US President Penn Memorial before the 2024 race


Mike Pence has signed an autobiographical deal addressing his time as US vice president in the Trump administration, publisher Simon & Schuster said Wednesday about a two-book contract worth at least $ 3 million .

Pence, 61, is widely a conservative Republican who believes he will be considered for his presidency in 2024, and pre-election memoirs have traditionally been a move to higher positions by American politicians.

“Vice President Pence’s life and work, his journey as a Christian, the challenges and triumphs he faced, and the lessons he has learned, of exceptional public service during a time of unrivaled public interest in our government and politics as an American. The story tells, “” Dana Kennedy, senior vice president and publisher of Saina & Schuster, said in a statement.

The currently untitled work, according to the publisher, will cover Pence’s faith and public service, including his term as US Congressman, his rise to become governor of Indiana, and his rise to number two in Washington as the number two official in the land. Return is included.

Pence expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to tell his life story, saying that he is looking forward to the opportunity to “invite readers from a small town in Indiana to Washington DC.”

Simon & Schuster said the contract was a two-book deal, with the first volume set for publication in 2023 temporarily.

CNN reported that two people in the publishing industry said Pence’s deal was between $ 3 million and $ 4 million.

Pence is largely a political enthusiast as he and Trump lost the November election at the hands of now-President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamal Harris.

Pence survived Trump’s attack earlier this year as the president pressured his deputy to fail the final certification of election results.

Pence dared Trump on January 6 – on the same day the Trump supporter mob ravaged the US Capitol – that he would not intervene to stop the certification.

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