Indian Americans welcome Joe Biden, Kollam Tiles with Kamala Harris on Inauguration Day

A Kollam, to welcome Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, is an Indian art form of geometric patterns


To welcome US President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris on the inauguration day (January 20), thousands of Kollam tiles are being made in the US Capitol to help divide Indians abroad.

IndisporaForum tweeted, “Some beauty after the chaos: Thousands of Kollam tiles are being made this month to welcome @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris in front of the US Capitol on Thursday.”

Earlier, Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol building last week and clashed with police when Congress was in session to validate Biden’s presidential victory in the November elections. Indians believe that Kollam can help in fixing the partition and solving the problem.

“A lot of people believe that Kollam can help fix the partition and welcome what has happened next. # 2021kolam @ 2021Kolam” tweeted the forum.


A Kollam is an Indian art form of geometric pattern, which is used as a sign of welcome. Drawn out of houses, beautiful designs made of dots and lines provide a feeling of joy and peace to all who enter.

Traditionally hand crafted with rice flour, Kollam is inclusive and environmentally friendly. The dots on the kolam depict difficulties in life, and the lines drawn around the dots navigate our struggles and transform our lives into a beautiful mosaic work of art.

The Forum believes that it will solve problems and promote beautiful patterns of diversity and inclusivity in America.



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