Kamala Harris shared childhood photos, wrote on mother’s influence

Kamala Harris said that she followed her mother’s advice every day.

new Delhi:

US Vice President Elect Kamala Harris shared a heartfelt note for her mother on Instagram today, talking about her impact in her life. She has shared three pictures of her childhood on Instagram with her mother and sister.

Ms. Harris, the first woman and South Asian to reach the top post, said in her post that her parents had gone to America in search of a dream for herself and her sister Maya.

In Instagram photos, the first mother, Ms. Harris, is weaned by her mother. The second is a collage of two photographs from the time when Ms. Harris and her sister were children. The third is of his mother, who holds the younger sisters of the sisters standing on the sidewalk.

Ms. Harris’s father was from Jamaica and her mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris was from India. Regarding her mother of 56 years, she stated that she was one of the few women of color for a position as a scientist at the University of California at Berkeley.

“She was five feet, but if you ever met her you would think she was seven feet tall. It is because of her that I was brought up in a community where we were taught to see a world beyond ourselves. Used to be kind. Have mercy for the struggle of all the people, “Ms. Harris writes about her mother.


“My mother always used to say,” Sit around and don’t complain about things, do something, “” she added to her post.

Kamala Harris said that she followed her mother’s advice every day.

Ms. Harris is set to enter the White House and take over in about a week. She said that she will share stories of people, places and moments affecting her life this week.



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