On a foreign trip can stop at least until mid-May: Britain’s Prime Minister

Boris Johnson told Parliament that there was still time for the people of Britain to plan their summer holidays. (File)


The ban on non-essential international travel to and from England will last until at least 17 May, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday, prolonging the pain for airlines, airports and leisure companies facing the epidemic travel recession. Pulled it.

But clarity will be given to vacationers on planning for the summer until April 12, when a review about resuming the trip will be published.

“The government will determine when international travel should resume, which will be no earlier than May 17.”

Johnson told Parliament that there was still time for Britons to plan for the summer holidays.

“I believe setting the April 12 deadline for the report … will give people time to make their plans for the summer and if things go well … I believe the aviation recovery later this year Is very likely. ” ” They said.

Airlines are counting on a summer recovery after a year with minimal revenue due to travel restrictions. If they cannot do so, analysts say most airlines will need to raise more money to survive after burning through their cash reserves.

Responding to the government’s plans, EasyJet welcomed the assurances that the trip would reopen, while British Airways said it was pleased that the government had acknowledged that it was important to find a way to resume the journey.

The 4% growth in Europe’s travel and leisure sector led to a 7% drop in shares of both companies.

But aviation consultant John Strickland said while the timeline was negative for airlines, the certainty on travel was far from a month when bookings would usually be flooded.

“We are already two months in a year, so we have lost two months already. On this news we are going to lose another two months,” he said.

“Many airlines are already anticipating that at least the first half of summer is very well written and at best anticipating there may be some resurgence of traffic in late summer.”

The trade body for Britain’s airports also said the May 17 date was a setback.


Airport Operators Association chief executive Karen D said, “As the worst economic sector in 2020, it will ensure that we will also be the worst hit sector of 2021.”

Symptoms of anxiety

The April review will provide recommendations on when and how to begin a full international trip, managing the risks of new variants of coronovirus.

Many will depend on the proliferation of variants deemed as “anxiety”, as well as vaccine roll-outs at home and abroad.

The UK tightened its borders earlier in February, with concerns about new variants being introduced in some countries to introduce additional COVE-19 testing requirements and hotel quarantines, which may be more resistant to the current vaccine.

Unwanted restrictions may use the test more to release the scheme, under which people coming from abroad pay for the test to shorten the 10-day quarantine.

The government is also saying that vaccinated people are being allowed to travel more freely abroad.

But such a system should be fair and will not harm all those who have not been vaccinated, he said, adding that it will take time to implement.

The government is considering providing a clear framework for international travel standards with the World Health Organization and other partners.

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