Ousted Myanmar ambassador told UK: military messenger rejected

Myanmar Ambassador Kyaw Zawar Min left in a car after the embassy was locked out.


Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, who has been cordoned off from his embassy by army representatives, pleaded with the British government on Thursday not to identify the envoy and send him back to Myanmar.

In a move that could have implications for Myanmar diplomats around the world, the ambassador was locked out of his embassy by his deputy on Wednesday at the behest of Myanmar’s military, which captured power in February.

“The Ambassador has been recalled by Myanmar’s military regime – since then he has stopped following Myanmar’s Foreign Ministry directives,” Ambassador Kawa Zawar Min said through a spokesman.

The ambassador said through his spokesman, “We are confident that the UK government will not return those who are working for the military junta and we will also urge the UK government to send them back.”

In a letter to the British Foreign Ministry of the Myanmar Embassy, ​​seen by Reuters, the people in control of the embassy said that Deputy Ambassador Chit Win took over on 7 April. The letter said.

Kawwa Zwar Min stated through his spokesman that “he was confident that the UK government would continue to demonstrate its disapproval of illegal military rule”.

The ambassador said, “He is trying to walk in the beach ground, but there is no doubt that on the right: the military council has killed about 600 people, including 48 children.”

The ambassador said, “We call on the UK government to refuse to work exclusively with the Dfair Chit Win in charge whether the military council has nominated or any other ambassadors they may try to nominate in the future , “The ambassador said.

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