Pope Francis hopes to spend his last days in Rome, new book reveals

The pope has been vaccinated against Kovid-19. (File)

Buenos Aires:

Pope Francis expected to die in Rome, yet the Catholic pontiff, without spending his last days in his native Argentina, according to a new book “The Health of Popes”.

In an interview to Argentine journalist and physician Nelson Castro at the Vatican in February 2019, the Pope said that he thinks of death, but is not afraid of it.

The book extracts were published on Saturday in the Argentine daily La Nation.

Asked how he sees his final days, Francis, who is 84 years old, replied: “I will be the Pope, either active or Emiratis, and in Rome. I will not return to Argentina.”

Francis has had to cancel some events in recent months due to a traumatic problem with sciatica, but is not known to have succumbed to any other major illness.

The Vatican has always been reticent about the health of a pope.

According to the new book, “this is the first time a pope has discussed his health with the transparency borne by Francis.”

The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pontiff, says he does not remember his native Argentina, where he was born to the son of Italian immigrants Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

“No, I don’t miss it. I lived there for 76 years. What bothers me?”

The pope has been vaccinated against Kovid-19.

Beyond his age, the leader of the world’s 1.3 billion Catholics is considered high-risk: in 1957, at the age of 21, he suffered from acute bleeding and had part of his right lung removed.

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