‘Saber-toothed tiger’ skeleton sells for $ 70,000

The skeleton of a rare saber-toothed cat is on display at the “Piguet Hotel des Vantes” auction house.

Geneva, Switzerland:

The nearly 40 million-year-old skeleton, popularly called the saber-toothed tiger, has been sold for about $ 70,000, a year after it was discovered on a US farm.

The skeleton, about 120 centimeters (about four feet) long, was collapsed by a private collector at an auction in Geneva on Tuesday in just one minute.

The original bones are those of a Hoploponus – technically not of cats, they are an extinct species of the Nimrvidae family and once stared the plains of North America.

Such extinct predator mammals are commonly known as saber-toothed tigers.

Also on sale was a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth, which was just over $ 6,000, while a finale 85 cm long from a majasaur – a marine reptile that was at the top of the submarine food chain in the Cretaceous period – bought for about $ 8,000 Was.

The reserve price was not found due to 75 million-year-old amolite – an opal-like organic gemstone in red and orange-colored opal – measuring 40 cm long by 36 cm wide.


The open market is debated as to the right balance between the scientific value of such goods and their value.

Some paleontologists are not ornamental objects to collect fossils of animals or plants, but they bear witness to the development of life on Earth and therefore scientific articles that must be studied and then shared with the public in museums.

Prior to the sale, Swiss collector Yann Qinin told AFP: “If we are talking about the saber-toothed tiger, for example, it is not a skeleton that is of major scientific interest, in the sense that it is something One that is already known for science.

“I’m all for museums, but I’m also in favor of the objects that live among us; for collectors out there, pieces have to be bought and sold – that’s what brings culture to life.”

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