Support for Small Business, Part of the American Rescue Plan: Joe Biden

Joe Biden announced a $ 1.9 trillion plan to revive the US economy on Thursday. (File)


US President-Elect Joe Biden said Thursday that aid to small businesses, expanded unemployment support, and food aid are some of the key elements of the American Rescue Plan that are influencing the outcome of the COVID-19 epidemic to aid the economy.

Mr. Biden wrote in a tweet, “Direct cash payments. Extended unemployment (support). Rent relief. Food assistance. Essential for small businesses. Having the necessary borderline on the job. They are key elements of my American rescue plan.”

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris also supported Biden, quoting in a tweet that wrote: “We will complete the task of getting a total of USD 2,000 in cash relief to those who need it most. USD 600 ago Only approved. Not enough. ” – Your next president, @Joban.

In her last tweet, Ms. Harris said that there was no one better ‘ready’ to lead America than Mr. Biden as the country is reeling from the epidemic.

He wrote, “There is no one better prepared than @JoeBiden to steer our country through these days and restore truth, honor and decency to the Oval Office.”


Mr. Biden announced on Thursday (local time) a $ 1.9 trillion plan to revive the country’s economy and combat coronovirus.

“When we don’t have the time to waste this time to get the virus under control and improve our economy,” the incoming president said.

The Biden plan will ask Congress to approve up to $ 400 billion to combat coronovirus so that it can establish community vaccination sites across the United States and promote testing and tracing, Sputnik said by Mr. Biden’s infection team Quoted from a release issued.



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