Teenager stabbed to death in Brazil daycare, three children, two employees

A policeman described the attacker’s weapon as “Samurai-style” (representative)

Saudades, Brazil:

An 18-year-old attacker armed with a samurai-style sword slammed into a daycare center in Brazil on Tuesday, killing three children and two employees, local police said, leaving the small town in shock.

The attacker then swung his weapon at himself, dodging his neck, stomach and torso, officials in Saudides said, 10,000 people in the state of Santa Catarina.

“He was taken to the hospital in critical condition,” police said in a statement.

Authorities did not state the motive for the gruesome attack and said the attacker had no criminal record.

Emergency employee Leonardo Acko told reporters, “When firefighters arrived at the daycare center, they witnessed an extremely brutal scene. The children were already dead, including an employee.”

Employee Aline Biyazbetty, who lives at her home near the day-care center, realizes what is happening inside.

“I heard the scream, cries for help. I told my father, ‘Something is going on in the daycare.” I went out and saw my colleagues calling for help: ‘Please, call the police, an armed person came and is killing the children, “said 27-year-old Biyazabetti.

“I managed to call the police. They came out with an injured child, so my father got the car and we took him to the hospital.”

The age of the children was not released. Local media reported that the center was for children between the ages of six months to two years.

A fourth child suffered mild wounds, Police Chief Jeronimo Markle Ferreira told reporters outside the daycare, where police and emergency staff cordoned off the area.

A policeman described the attacker’s weapon as “Samurai-style” and displayed it to the press: a long knife or short sword wrapped in yellow plastic and sealed in an evidence bag.

Governor Daniela Reinher announced a three-day mourning across the state.

The last fatal school attack in Brazil occurred in March 2019, when two former students shot and killed eight people before killing themselves at a high school in the southeastern city of Sujano, near São Paulo.

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