The US will share an additional 20 million COVID-19 vaccine doses with other countries

President Joe Biden said that the US was increasing exports of Kovid vaccines to other countries. (File)


President Joe Biden said on Monday that the United States is increasing exports of Kovid’s vaccines to other countries in a bid to reclaim “American leadership” in the global fight against the epidemic, rejecting rival efforts by China and Russia .

Biden confirmed that 20 million more doses of Kovid vaccines are being released over the next six weeks, bringing the total to 80 million scheduled for shipping by the end of June.

The Biden administration follows pressure from other governments to use its large vaccine surplus to help struggling countries, now that significant progress has been made in introducing vaccination at home.

The initiative also addresses concerns that Moscow and Beijing are taking advantage of a worldwide crisis in the so-called “vaccine diplomacy” competition to spread influence through the delivery of their own national vaccines.

By July, the United States would have easily cemented its position as leader at this level, Biden said, while explicitly stating that Washington was not using the rollout as a leverage on countries.

“It would be more vaccines than any country actually shared today, five times more than any other country,” Biden said in a White House speech.

He said, “Russia and China … have donated 15 million doses. You know that a lot of things are going on about Russia and China, which are affecting the world with vaccines. We are going with our values Want to lead the world. “

“We will not use our vaccines to benefit from other countries.”

The White House would not say which countries were being prioritized for the shipment, but Biden indicated that Washington would be doing what it could to help push India back against the surge in the epidemic.

An initial 60 million doses have already been pledged.

These will all belong to AstraZeneca, a British-developed vaccine that has not yet been used in the United States and is unlikely to be needed. Exports will begin as soon as US Health Regulators approve.

Biden said the next wave of 20 million doses would include vaccines already authorized in the United States – Pfizer, Modern and Johnson & Johnson.

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